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  1. House Shape Key Chain with Screwdriver & Bits

    House Shape Key Chain with Screwdriver & Bits. Includes small and medium size Philips head and small and medium size Flat head screwdriver bits. Comes with a convenient swivel hook key chain attachment. 3 3/4" L x 2 3/4" H
  2. Small Round Hot/Cold Gel Packs

    This round gel pack can be used hot or cold to sooth aches and pains and sore muscles. It contains non- toxic gel beads and can be put in the microwave or freezer.

    *EQP Program pricing does not apply to this item*

  3. Two Mirrors in One Compact

    This is a handy compact with both a standard mirror and a 2x magnification mirror. Great to throw in your purse, desk, pocket or car.

    *EQP Program pricing valid on minimum of 500 pieces*

  4. Manicure Kit in a Storage Case

    This manicure kit includes stainless steel manicure scissors, nail clipper, cuticle trimmer, nail file, cuticle pusher, cuticle shaper. The set also includes a convenient storage case to hold all items and is great to keep in your purse, desk, poc

  5. Digital Thermometer Measures in Fahrenheit

    The digital thermometer measures in Fahrenheit for more accuracy, has a large LCD display and comes in an acrylic clear storage case. Simple to use, it beeps when it’s completed the measurement and has an automatic shut off when not in use. Batter
  6. Folding Flying Disc - Frisbee

    Folding nylon flying disc / frisbee with mataching pouch
  7. Folding Fan

    Folding nylon fan great for those hot summer days
  8. 4” Round Cork Coaster

    These 4 inch round natural cork wood coasters are malleable, durable and absorbent. Perfect for trade show giveaways, anniversaries, family reunions, conferences, staff meetings, product launch, real estate, restaurants, save-the-date announcements
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